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Bored in stable

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Horse toys to prevent boredom

Prevent a bored horse by feeding it roughage by means of a ball. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a wide range of toys and balls available. Small feeding balls like the Shires Ball Feeder but also larger roughage balls like the Original Hay Play. Smaller balls are suitable for sweet feed. Epplejeck also has inflatable balls for your horse to play with; like the Jolly Ball for horses or the Jolly Mega Ball.

Anti-cribbing products for your horse

Does your horse prefer to bite and nibble on almost anything? No stable door, rug or railing is safe from your horse? Epplejeck has anti-cribbing products to prevent your horse from biting or licking foreign objects. It is available either as spray or as paste. The smell and taste of the substance will reduce your horse's interest in the foreign object. Its congener's rug will stay beautiful and manes and tails can be protected from your horse's teeth.

Dual Feeder

A new product and innovation is the Dual Feeder. If your horse tends to gobble up its sweet feed this is the perfect feeder. The design will stop your horse from eating too quickly and your horse will take up thrice the time to finished its sweet feed. You can place about 2 kgs sweet feed in the feeder and it can be weighed down with sand or water which makes it perfect to use in the paddock as well as the stall.
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