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Twitch for horses

A twitch is a tool which can be used when your horse is restless for example during the farrier visit, during dental care, or when leading your horse to the trailer. The twitch has a rope which is tightened around the upper lip of your horse. When applying pressure on certain pressure points in a horse's upper lip endorphines are activated which calm your horse down. Epplejeck advises to only use a twitch with professional supervision.

Hobbles for horses

Hobbles can be used in stressful situation when it is important your horse stands still and is unable to kick. For example during a visit from the vet or farrier. Soft lining prevents damage to the coat and skin.

Trailer lead

A trailer lead rope is especially suitable when leading a horse on a trailer or horse box. The short line is placed across the back of the horse and the long line around the buttocks of your horse. Simply lead your horse onto the trailer by applying light pressure on the lead rope.
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