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Stable supplies

Make your life easier by ordering stable supplies at Epplejeck horse & Rider Superstores. Prevent boredom and stimulate the equine digestive system with a hay net or feed ball like the popular Hay Play. Read all about the importance of feeding roughage and the benefits of feeding roughage via a hay net or feed ball in this blog. No more lugging around heavy buckets of water but simply use a waterbagto swiftly bring your horse 80 liters of water by means of a wheel barrow. If you and your horse often hit the road a hay bag might come in handy. Epplejeck has many stable supplies in their product range like feeding troughs, pitchforksbuckets and drinking bowls.

The Original Hay Play

Nothing but praise for the Hay Play feed ball. The Hay Play is a large feeding ball for roughage. It's unique shape allows for hours of fun for your equine friend as its direction is unpredictable. The Hay Play prevents boredom and has a positive influence on your horse's digestive system. The small openings on the ball reduce the speed at which your horse consumes its roughage.

Slowfeeders and hay nets

A must-have for every stable. It's important horses have access to food all day long. In order for the digestive system to stay healthy, a horse has to eat at least every 2-4 hours. Roughage takes longer to digest, as such feeding roughage by means of a slowfeeder is extremely beneficial to the equine digestive system. Slowfeeders have small mazes to reduce roughage intake. Epplejeck has slowfeeders and hay nets in many sizes, one for every occcassion and every horse.

How to get rid of horse flies?

During the warm summer months you want to protect yourself and your horse from pesky insects like horseflies. Epplejeck has many horsefly repelling products as well as horse fly traps. Choose a professional horse fly trap like the Taon-X Eco or the fly trap with standard. Or you can choose for an cheaper solution like the Sticky Trap bucket; this is a black bucket with a rope which you can hang in or around the pasture, simply paint Sticky-Trap glue on the bucket and catch any unwanted horse flies.

Order your stable supplies at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Need a horse fly trap, new pitchfork, or saddle rack? Shop 24/7 from the comfort of your home or head to one of our Superstores.

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