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Horsefly Bucket Sticky-Trap White

The Sticky Trap white bucket is prepared, ready for use and fixed to catch! The rope is about 40 cm long, it got a drilling screw at the end of it and the iron handle has been taken off. The only thing you have to do is hang it up nearby the indoor fly problem. We advise to hanging the trap not to high above the animals in the flyroute. The next thing is to take a brush and put the Sticky Trap horsefly trap glue on to the bucket.
Selected color: White
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  • white bucket for a low-cost fly trap for catching black flies in combination with Sticky-Trap glue
  • the bucket is pre-drilled and comes with a cord to hang up the trap
  • suitable for hanging in the stable to catch black flies
  • the flies are not attracted by the glue or the bucket but by the horse
  • the white bucket must be hung centrally and not too high above the animals
  • If the bucket hangs in the fly zone, the flies will automatically sit on the bucket, after that, the fly is stuck and does not reproduce at the barn anymore
  • it is generally dark at the stables and therefore we use a white bucket as a visible landing strip
  • you only have to glue the bucket with the Sticky Trap glue and it's ready!

Use: Stir the Sticky-Trap glue before use. Apply the glue to a bucket, we recommend a fine roller or brush for applying. The glue will remain for up to 20 weeks, depending of the material. Afterwards, the new glue can be applied over the old one.

When the bucket is full with flies, you can apply a new layer of glue over it or simply clean the bucket first with a spatula. Of course you can also replace the bucket.

You can find the Sticky Trap glue here.

Bees, butterflies and other important insects which take care of the dispersal of flora and fauna are looking for nectar and sweet things, so they are not attracted to the Sticky Trap.

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