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Tack room supplies

Everything you need to store your tack you'll find at Epplejeck. Storage bags, saddle trolleys, saddle racks or bridle hooks and more. Practical tack trolleys will help your store your stack safely and still easily ride your saddle and bridle to your horse on the other side of the stables. Saddle racks and tack trolleys have preshaped hooks and racks for bridles, saddles etc. This way your tack stays in the right shape when stored which improves the longevity of the saddle, bridle, and any other tack.

Orcsana rug sensor

Not sure which rug you should use? The Orcsana rug sensor measures your horses temperature, fluid balance and movement. When synchronizing the sensor with the free app for smartphones and tablets you'll get advice on which rug is advised for the upcoming day or night based on the weather conditions of the earlier night. You'll get a notification when the temperature drops outside your horse's comfort zone. This easy to use tool ensures your horse will never be too cold or too warm.
Your horse's comfort zone is defined by 3 things: the age of your equine friend, the condition of the coat, and the physical condition. The sensor is attached to the rug at the thigh as this is where horse's start sweating first. The sensor is safe and painless and can be used 24/7.

Analyse horse training with the Equestic Saddle Clip

Training your horse is a touch and go kind of thing. What if you could measure your rhythm and symmetry whilst riding? The Equestic Saddle Clip measures your training and analyses it. The results can be found in the app on your smart phone or tablet. The app measures the free walk, trot and canter as well as the amount of jumps and the time spent on the left and right hand side. Improve your horse riding training with this saddle clip.

Shop all your tack room supplies at Epplejeck. 24/7 from the comfort of home. Or if you prefer to touch and compare before you buy, visit one of our Superstores and also gain additional advice from our employees.

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