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Privacy Statement

Personal details
We will have to receive some of your personal details if you want to order with Epplejeck. But, it is understandable that you would rather not give us this information. As it is said, this is personal and you would not want to have this private information ready for anyone to copy. That is why we take excellent care of your personal details and make sure this will stay private.
We would like to explain why we need this information and for which purposes this will be used.

Which personal details would we like to receive?

  • First- and last name: We would like to address you properly.
  • Address: Where else should we send your order to?
  • Phone number: In case we have any questions.
  • Birth Date: We would like to send you a little message on your birthday. And, we are also a little bit curious about our target group.
  • Email address: To this address we will send you the order confirmation. And yes, now and then a newsletter. No worries, when ordering online you can choose right away if you would like to receive a newsletter from us. Or do you no longer want to receive our newsletters? With a simple click in the bottom of our newsletter you can sign out.

What will we do with your personal details?
Deliver your order
To be able to process your order we will need your name, address(es), email address, and payment details. In an occasion we may need your phone number. We will give your address (and sometimes phone number) to the delivery service which will be bringing the package to you.
Save them on your account
When you create an account, we will save them in our system. We will ask you for your name, address(es), and email address. This is very useful because, then, you will not have to re-enter this information with ever new order!
Sending newsletters
We will send you weekly newsletters by email. No worries! During the ordering process you will be giving the option whether you would like to receive our newsletter or not.
Want a chance at winning giveaways? We will need some personal details then. Of course, you would like for us to be able contact you if you are the lucky winner!

Where will your personal details be protected from?
Your personal details will never leave our sight. We will put them safe behind bars, and we will never sell or distribute your information to third parties.
Want Epplejeck to delete or change your personal details? Please email this to info@ej.nl